Top Gear Finds Itself On Slippery Slope In UK


While many people around the world may be blissfully unaware of it, at least two people in the UK figured the use of the seemingly harmless word “slope” in last series’ Top Gear Burma Special was deemed to be offensive to Asian people and made their thoughts known to Ofcom – the British version of the FCC – which made their findings painfully aware to the producers of Top Gear. During special, which had the boys constructing a bridge over the River Kwai, similar to the World War II events depicted in the famous book and film, Jeremy Clarkson made what he and the show’s producers figured was a pre-scripted humorous play on words with the line “there’s a slope on it” while an Asian man walked across the bridge. Due to the obscure origin of the humor, most viewers likely had no idea what the double-meaning meant but two complaints came in to Ofcom and that was enough – apparently – get the show a public reprimand.

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