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Top Gear Series 22, Episode 5 Recap


The fifth episode of the season began with Richard Hammond testing then comparing the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray with the Porsche Cayman GTS which consisted of a price comparison [approximately the same] and a power/agility comparison as determined by laps around the Top Gear test track and won by the Corvette [1:19.8 lap] over the Porsche [1:21.6].

Next came a fairly lackluster testing of Ferrari’s LaFerrari by James May in which he took it on a drive in the countryside and at Ferrari’s Fiorano test track and determined next to nothing that we didn’t already know about the car or Ferrari’s anal-ness about their cars.

British personality Olly Murs became the new champion when it comes to celebrities taking laps in the Reasonably Priced Car – clocking an impressive 1:44.6 lap time.

Finally, the show concluded with Jeremy and James poking seven metric tons of fun at French car manufacturer Peugeot in an extended segment ostensibly pitting a Peugeot 307 against a Peugeot 407.

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