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Toyota Collabs With Marvel For Sienna


Making a minivan sexy is always going to be a tough sell, so Toyota Motor North America has decided to cut to the chase and collaborate with Marvel Entertainment to promote their Sienna.

Granted, the collaboration with Marvel is limited to essentially slapping their Sienna onto a custom comic book cover featuring the minivan with Marvel heroes that will be available digitally via Instagram as well as for a select number of printed copies.

But Toyota has also worked with Marvel to produce three episodes of “Marvel Live! Presented by Sienna” – with each episode featuring an interview with a writer behind a notable comic book title.

The 11-minute episode below features an interview with Vita Ayala who is discussing “Children of the Atom” and “New Mutants” [which premiered on YouTube March 22] and who is currently working on Marvel Comics’ X-Men titles.

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