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Max Verstappen Wins 2022 USA Grand Prix


Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won the 2022 United States Grand Prix over seven-time Formula One world champion, Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes, with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc picking up the third and final podium position.

Leclerc’s Ferrari teammate, Carlos Sainz, Jr., began the race on pole position but lost the first corner to Verstappen and, to add insult to injury, was tagged by Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate, George Russell, and knocked out of the race.

Verstappen was seemingly cruising to an easy victory but a late pit stop error put Hamilton back in contention for the win – but it was only temporary as Hamilton was on hard tires and Verstappen on medium tires – giving Verstappen an advantage and making the late-race pass inevitable despite some valiant efforts from Hamilton to prolong the inevitability.

With the result, Verstappen pads his 2022 Formula 1 driver’s standings lead with 391 points, but the race for the final two spots heats up as Leclerc is in second with 267 points to 265 points for Red Bull’s Sergio Perez. Behind them, the race for fourth place is also tight as Russell has 218 points to 202 for Sainz, Jr. to 198 for Hamilton.

2022 USA Grand Prix – Top 10 Finishers

1] Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:42:11.687
2] Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +5.023 seconds
3] Charles Leclerc Ferrari +7.501
4] Sergio PĂ©rez Red Bull +8.293
5] George Russell Mercedes +44.815
6] Lando Norris McLaren +53.785
7] Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin +65.354
8] Kevin Magnussen Haas +65.834
9] Yuki Tsunoda AlphaTauri +70.919
10] Esteban Ocon Alpine +72.875

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