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Volvo Promotes Safety Sunday For Super Bowl


Volvo Car USA is encouraging fans to root for a safety during this year’s Super Bowl as part of their Volvo Safety Sunday promotion giving people a chance to win a personalized Volvo.

As part of this year’s “Volvo Safety Sunday: A Million More,” Volvo is pledging to give away up to $2 million worth of cars should a safety be scored during the Super Bowl on February 7, 2021.

For a chance to win, contestants can visit between now and February 7, 2021. Entrants are prompted to design, in any trim and color available in the U.S., what could become their own 2021 Volvo. They can also take a short quiz that will recommend a model based on their lifestyle. If a safety occurs, Volvo will award $2 million in cars to randomly selected qualified entrants.

Unfortunately for contest entrants, a safety [when an offensive team is tackled, loses or fumbles the ball, or commits a penalty in their own end zone, resulting in an award of two points] is a relatively rare event in football [only 37 in all-time recorded NFL history] and even rarer in a Super Bowl – one has not occurred during a Super Bowl since 2014.

Safety – the concept and not the game element – is, of course, Volvo’s longtime claim to fame for their vehicles.

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