Who Does Mark Webber Say Is The Best F1 Driver?


Perhaps not surprisingly, former Formula One driver Mark Webber believes his ex-Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel is currently the best driver in Formula One and Renault’s Pastor Maldonado is the worst – matching exactly the findings from AutoSportsNation’s 2015 driver rankings – in a recent interview with Wheels Magazine.

Webber spent five years as Vettel’s Red Bull teammate and believes Ferrari’s Vettel, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and McLaren’s Fernando Alonso are the best three drivers in F1 today, but with Vettel as the best of the trio.

“But those three [Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso] are on a very, very, high level – and if I had to pick one, I’d probably pick Sebastian, in terms of pulling the whole juggernaut together and getting the whole team going, which I think he will do at Ferrari shortly.”

Asked who the worst driver in F1 is, Webber replied: “Probably Maldonado. He’s out of his depth and just shouldn’t be there. He’s making up the numbers basically.”

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