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Lamborghini Restores 1969 Miura From The Italian Job


The orange Lamborghini Miura P400 (chassis #3586) with white/black leather interior used in the iconic 1969 movie “The Italian Job” was recently found and restored.

The current owner is Fritz Kaiser from Liechtenstein, who owns the Classic Car Trust. Kaiser contacted Lamborghini to verify its authenticity and Lamborghini determined – from documentation in the company archives, examining the car, supplemented with testimonies from enthusiasts and former employees, including Enzo Moruzzi, who delivered the car to the set and drove it in all the shots as a stunt double – that this was one of two Lamborghini Miura P400’s used for the film’s opening scene. Specifically, chassis #3586, the one that survived and did not get tossed down the cliff by the bulldozer [that Miura P400 had allegedly been in a fatal accident involving an Arab prince and was already wrecked].

Paramount Pictures had approached Lamborghini for a car to use for the filming and had decided on the already-wrecked orange-colored Miura P400 [and therefore, perfect for the accident scene] but its doppelganger had to be found and Lamborghini provided a second car of the same color for the shoot.

At the end of filming, the undamaged Lamborghini Miura P400 was returned to the factory and prepped for delivery to its first owner, an Italian from Rome. After having passed through the hands of various enthusiasts over the course of the past 50 years, the P400 was purchased in 2018 by Kaiser.

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