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Mercedes Wins Music Too


Mercedes is dominating in Formula One and now they are dominating in music as well.

Chicago-based marketing company, Digital Third Coast analyzed 100,000 songs from the database and then created a categorical breakdown according to artists, cars and music genre.

Mercedes, Cadillac and Bentley emerged with the top three podium positions as the most-mentioned brands – with Chevrolet, Jeep, Jaguar, Porsche, Ford, Dodge and Lexus rounding out the Top 10 remaining points positions.

Not surprisingly, hip-hop musical artists were the source of the vast majority of the musical references and within that genre, the musician with the most car references (370) used in his lyrics was Lil Wayne, followed by Jay-Z (354), Snoop Dogg (326), Nas (324) and Gucci Mane (313).

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