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Denied! – Formula One Teams Reject Pirelli’s 2020 Tires


The 2019 Formula One racing season is barely over and the 2020 Formula 1 racing season is already off to a flying start as the F1 teams have unanimously rejected the tires proposed by Italian supplier Pirelli for the 2020 season after a rough test in Abu Dhabi last week.

Pirelli, for their part, claimed that the 2020 tire was intended for a different profile than the 2019 model and the teams would have to make changes to their cars to reflect that, but with major technical regulation changes [wheel size increased from 13-inch to 18-inch and tires being lower-profiled] on the horizon for the 2021 season, teams were reluctant to change their cars to accommodate the tires for the 2020 season.

The Pirelli tires used in F1 since 2011 have a tendency to overheat when pushed hard, thus preventing drivers from accelerating to maximums or following another car closely for any significant period of time.

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