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Racing is one of the most famous sports around the world and the Formula One is the undeniable champion when it comes to auto racing. The Formula One is the most technologically the most exciting and advance race championship to watch and for these reasons, this race brings more than 600 million people plus TV viewers, audiences, and fans. The race can make your blood boil because the race is too intense, extreme and a lot more than just racing. A standard race consists of 24 cars with 2 cars per team and mostly their goal is to attract sponsors and even win the prize money because participating in this race is more expensive than those other races.
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In recent times, this race moved into the next level through the development of newest technologies. Such as new cars and engine technologies that really pushed the edge for the competition and as a result, everything has to become a little expensive. Unfortunately, this means that those new teams will have a difficult time to establish their roots and because of this, few teams that would attempt to join in the race. Of course, the technology is not the only thing that make Formula One unique and advance, but also the skills of every racer that knows when to accelerate and when not to. For these aspects, each race causes exciting and new challenges to every team and driver regardless their experiences and these will not make this race exciting for them, but also brings their fans back and craving for more.

What are some key considerations to succeed in Formula One?

Formula One is one of the most difficult races that the world has ever known. It is because this race is more complex and extreme unlike those other races and nothing can bring out the turmoil like a tight squeeze on money and tension. There has always been a subdued power struggle in terms of money, but everyone was making so much of it that it never came to a head. In addition, this race has one of the oddest organizational structures in sports and its racetracks. Meaning, the participating teams do not have much sway within the sports especially in the decision – making, because the Bernie Ecclestone and FIA effectively controls everything. However, you have to keep in mind these following things if you want to succeed in this race, and these are as follows:

1) Priority – you cannot win the race if you do not know this aspect in the first place. It is because you will not have the right drive and attention just to win the race. Setting up your priority list should be your goal before you enter this race. Think of a certain goal that would help trigger your drive to bring out your best. Take note that this race is a little different from other races, so you have to stay focus on not only the racetracks, but also your motivation and goal.

2) Fitness – you should be fit to drive when you are going to join in this race. Meaning, you should be perfectly healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally upon entering this race because this will be your foundation to be the best showing off your driving skills and capabilities. You should also know that the ground you are treading could be your grave, so you must know how to react if necessary events may arise. Be focus on your surrounding so that you would know when to take risk and show off beyond your limits and when not to. To do this, you must maintain a daily workout regime and a healthy diet.

3) Resourceful – meaning, that you know how to apply all things you learned from your experiences effectively when you are already on the race. In short, you should know your massive applications, as well as, your limitations. Knows when is the right moment to take off the lead and when not to. Take time to understand and absorb what you have learned before you apply them on the race. Do not be too hasty to show off your mettle because this might turn out to be something that every racer fears the most. Just be calm and do not let your overwhelming senses take over for you. As a result, working hard of your knowledge and skills will make you a well – paid and valuable person.

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