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Hammond And May Vs. A Blender And Gin


Two of the hosts from “The Grand Tour” – Richard Hammond and James May – engage in a battle against a recalcitrant blender and a bottle of gin.

O​n the eve of World Gin Day, Hammond and May were hoping to each produce a Frosé cocktail in collaboration with World Gin Day founder Emma Stokes [AKA the Gin Monkey]. But that would require a working blender, which Hammond does not have. Due to the current coronavirus lockdown, May and Hammond are in separate locations – their homes – so May sent the blender-deprived Hammond a blender, however, in prime IKEA fashion, he has to assemble it before he can make his gin cocktail drink.

‘I knew Hammond wouldn’t have a blender, so I sent him one by courier. But for some reason I still can’t fathom, just before I packaged it up, I completely dismantled it. Maybe I thought that was funny,’ explained May.

’​Normally,’ says Hammond, ‘I would just go to the shops in my E-Type Gin-and-Jag and buy another one, but that isn’t possible because of lockdown. I’ve got no choice. I’ll have to reassemble this one before I can show the viewers how to make the cocktail.‘

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