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NASCAR Gets its Own Official Vodka


You probably did not realize that NASCAR needed its own official vodka, but apparently it does, and that official vodka is Dixie.

The Charleston, South Carolina-based brand has been named the ‘official vodka of Nascar’ and will sponsor the NASCAR Cup Series race at Homestead-Miami Speedway next season, commemorating the track’s 25th anniversary.

Additionally, Dixie Vodka will be the sponsor of both the Daytona International Speedway as well as the Richmond Raceway.

Launched in 2014, Dixie Vodka describes itself as “an all-American premium craft vodka”. Its range consists of the flagship Southern vodka [80 proof 6x distilled from non-GMO corn – think of it as a sophisticated moonshine] along with five flavored variants – black pepper, citrus, mint, peach and wildflower honey.

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