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The Grand Tour Has A Video Game


Amazon Game Studios is in the process of making a video game version of “The Grand Tour” that will allow you to drive the cars you see during each episode of the upcoming third season of the series.

Every Friday during Season Three of “The Grand Tour”, The Grand Tour Game allows you to play as Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond or James May in the actual scenes you’ve just seen on screen from that week’s episode – provided you purchase a Season Pass for The Grand Tour Game – and you’ll get new vehicles and new tracks from that episode to play in the game.

The Grand Tour Game features a four-player split-screen and there are power-ups like High Tea and More Horsepowers.

“It’s a video game featuring me, the crashy one, and the slow one,” said Jeremy Clarkson. “That’s all you need to know. If you’ve always wanted to come on the road with us, this is as close as you’ll ever get. Unless you kidnap James and steal his face.”

“If you’ve ever wanted to do my job, now you can. Obviously not literally, it’s just a game, so please don’t go through the drawers of my desk,” says James May.

“I live in the deep countryside, so frankly I’m impressed by anything that runs on electricity. But I have to admit this game is particularly brilliant, especially the four-player split-screen,” comments Hammond.

Season Three of “The Grand Tour” on Amazon’s Prime does not yet have a release date, but is expected between late October to early December 2018.

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