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Porsche Calls Off Formula One Engagement With Red Bull


Porsche has called off their planned 2026 Formula One engine partnership collaboration with Red Bull after determining Red Bull wanted unequal share of the collaboration.

An official statement from Porsche stated: “The premise was always that a partnership would be based on an equal footing. This could not be achieved”.

Reportedly, Porsche had wanted influence in team operations, while Red Bull wanted to keep independence.

Porsche says they remain interested in entering Formula 1 with the new engine regulations in 2026 that will emphasize the proportion of power provided by the hybrid part of the engines and introduce fully-sustainable synthetic fuels. Porsche is promoting synthetic fuels, which burn only the carbon taken out of the atmosphere in their manufacture, as one of the solutions to the climate crisis across the automotive industry.

Red Bull currently uses a Honda engine with technical support from the Japanese manufacturer, which officially pulled out of F1 at the end of 2021. The team is creating their own engine department which is designing and building a power-unit for the new rules.

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